The  100 Miles in 24 Hours attracted a field of 20 participants and were joined by 12 entrants for the 50 km Open race held in conjunction.  The weather remained dry but a strong breeze made conditions a bit demanding but significantly better than experienced last years at the same venue.  The Dutch supported both events and dominated the final positions, and three became new Centurions.

The outright winner was Edwin van Wijngaarden C1197 who finished in a fine time of 19.08.26 and holder of the Hammond Trophy.  He was followed by regular 100 miles participant Frank van der Gulik C1022 completing his 17th UK 100, with Boetje Huliselan C1009 finishing 3rd and winner of the Eddie McNeir C375 trophy as the first male finisher aged 65 or over.

In fourth position and 1st new Centurion was Wilfred van Bremen who became C1218 in a time of 23.25.07.  He received the Hew Neilson C145 trophy and the Bill King Memorial Trophy as the youngest finisher.  The 2nd new Centurion is Remco Luhrman C1219, and the 3rd is Arjan Bogerd C1220.  All are congratulated on achieving qualification to become a Centurion.

The only female finisher was Jacqueline van Drongelen C1217 who walked strongly finishing in 23.43.26.  She was awarded the Bristol (Unicorn) Trophy.  Susan Grimes who is a United States Centurion completed almost 90 miles before retiring.  So near to becoming a UK Centurion for which she had made the long journey from the US.

Newcomers to long distance events were Ashley Browes and Mark Vallint.  Ashley completed nearly 73 miles before retiring and both have expressed their intention to try again.

From a British perspective Colin Vesty C1167 displayed great determination in completing the 100 miles in 23.52.08. He was the only UK entrant to finish the 100 miles which ensured the UK had a representative in the list of successful finishers.  He deserves the highest congratulations on a job well done, and received the RWA Wilkinson Sword as the first male finisher and also the Ken Smith Memorial Trophy as the walker whose performance in the view of the judges was the most meritorious.

The 50 km Open race was undoubtedly a successful addition to be held in conjunction with the 100 Miles.  Ann van Andel representing Dutch club DAK Drunen was a convincing winner in 05:57:33.9 with Graham Jackson of Northern Masters AC second in 06:08:46.0, and Adrian Edwards of Lancashire WC in third place in 06:18:22.6.

The Mayor of Middlesbrough, Chris Cook, presented the 100 miles trophies and Chris Hobbs, RWA President, the RWA awards. The work of the referees, judges, and officials received the thanks of all who participated, and the invaluable help of the volunteers who assisted in so many ways is greatly appreciated.

Chris Flint C 849, Hon. Secretary

Link to Jonathan Hobbs C121 photographs of both events 

List of Entrants for the 100 miles

Results for the 100 miles

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List of entrants for the 50K

Results for the 50K

The Centurion committee extend their thanks and appreciation to the Chief Judge Andrew Clough for ratifying the results.

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