“A Centurion is one who, as an amateur, has walked 100 miles within 24 hours in a competition held in Great Britain”
This defines the members of a group of men and women who have each accomplished this feat.  The first person recorded as having walked 100 miles within 24 hours was J.E. Fowler Dixon.  In 1908 he completed 100 miles in 20:36:08 at Lille Bridge, London and was awarded the number 1 in recognition of his achievement. Fowler Dixon was also a founder of the Amateur Athletic Association (AAA) and our first President from 1911 as well as our first Centurion.

Successive races held the following years led to the formation of the Centurions at a meeting held in the Ship and Turtle, situated at 131, Leadenhall Street, London on 11 May 1911.

Since then 1218 men and women (1137 & 81 respectively)  have qualified.  The complete list of qualifiers plus full history of the Centurions is recorded in The Centurions Handbook which is available on request. The 11th edition published in 2011, covers the history and races up until then. The “Handbook Insert”  contains a summary of race results from 2012 until the present time.   There is also a List of Amendments made since the Handbook was published in 2011.