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Bristol – Bath  

Bristol – Bath Saturday 29 June 2013

Leaders: Richard and Sandra Brown
At the heart of the walk is the Roman city of Bath, or Aquae Sulis as it would have been known to the Roman legions who were stationed there.
This walk, 20-21miles, links the railway stations of Brstol Temple Meads and Bath using the Bristol to Bath Railway Path/Cycle Path.
The start was 09.45 where everyome met up in the Booking Hall of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s historic Bristol Temple Meads station.
A walk of a mile or so through Bristol to the start of the old railway path, then we followed the path/cycle-way 15miles, partly along the pretty Avon valley, to the city of Bath.
En route, we stopped at Bitton Station for refreshments and to see the surviving section of the railway line, now operated by an historic railway trust.
The going was good and nearly flat throughout especially as the old railway path is surfaced.

Arriving in historic Bath, we took in the historic sights walking through the city, via the Royal Crescent and Circus, past the Roman baths and the medieval abbey, and with views of Pulteney bridge [still lined with shops]

writes Sandra Brown …
Dear all
Many thanks again for joining the Centurions’ social walk on Saturday, and for helping to make the day such fun.
I have written on behalf of us all to John Webb, the 1968 Mexico Olympics race-walker, to thank him for cycling to meet us at Bristol TM and at Bitton station. It was great to meet him. He is clearly in good shape, and still race-walks regularly as well as cycling on the old railway path.
Well done to everyone who took part in the walk. The full distance was around 20 miles – a very satisfying distance, especially on such a warm, sunny day.
Thanks also to Vicky and Guy for the photos below.