Fred Baker C266

Peter Ryan C984

George Beecham C716

Steve Kemp C1075 informed us of the sad news that George passed away during the evening of 13th September 2020 aged 89. He had a long illness due to cancer and his health had deteriorated since about March and especially so over the last month. His wife Marlene and daughter Katherine were with George when he passed way. There will not be a funeral. The family are making private arrangements.

George, a member of Belgrave Harriers for 69 years and Life Member, competed at race walking at all distances. He was well known in Canvey Island for his charity work for which he received his MBE. He qualified as Centurion 716 in the 1981 Brighton & Hove A.C. 24 hour Track race, walking 100 miles in 22.45.12 and completing a total of 104 miles 557 yards.

George Beecham MBE C 716


John Dunsford  C734

John Dunsford  C734

John Dunsford C734

   John Dunsford C734 is Number 2, 3rd from         the left in the back row

John Dunsford, a member of Belgrave Harriers, passed away Monday 17th August 2020.  John became Centurion 734 in 1982 at the Leicester Walking Club 100 miles in 22hrs 12m 40s.  In later years he turned to veterans events competing in other events apart from walking.


Brian Ashwell C926

Brian Ashwell C 926


Brian Ashwell C926 passed away in August 2019 aged 87.  Brian qualified as Centurion 926 in the 1994  Leicester 100 miles aged 62,  and completed the 100 miles in 20:31:54.  He came in 3rd in the RWA National 100 miles, won the Midland Area Championship and the coveted Hew Neilson (C145) trophy for the first new Centurion. Condolence is expressed.

Ray Manning C415

Ray Manning C 415


Ray Manning C 415, aged 88, passed away on 3rd July after a short illness.  Ray, a member of Wakefield Harriers, qualified in the 1968 Leicester to Skegness race in 19:56:20.  His daughter Linda says her father was a proud Centurion and his medal, certificate and plaque will be displayed at the funeral.  His funeral on 16 July 2020 will be restricted to family.