Len Taylor C371

Ray Flynn C512


Ray passed away on 25th April 2022 aged 68.

A member of the London Vidarians, Ray earned his Centurion 512 badge at the 1973 Bristol 100 Miles in 21:40.13. At that time all entrants had to be aged 21 or over, so the race programme records that Ray was 21. However he was 19 years old, which makes him one of the youngest to qualify.

Ray came over from Ireland to attend our memorable Centurions Centenary Dinner at the House of Commons in 2011.

Piet Borst C393

Piet Borst passed away on 6th March 2022 aged 90. He qualified as Centurion 393 when he completed the 100 miles in 22:13:10 at the 1966 Leicester to Skegness. Piet was a local celebrity in his village of Rijsbergen, where, as an 84-year-old he took part in the local Kennedymars for the 50th time.

Gerrit Nederlof C922

Rudie van Hardeveld C883


Rudie, a member of the Long Distance Tipperlaars, Netherlands, passed away aged 86 on February 8th 2022. He qualified as a Centurion in two countries: Centurion 883 in 22.18.17 in the 1991 Ewhurst 100, and Continental Centurion 132 at the 1984 St. Oedenrode 100 miles in 21.24.54.

Brian Saunders C468

Brian qualified at the 1971 Ewhurst 100 in 20.02.13. Although he came in third at Rouen and qualified for Paris to Colmar he declined.