2019 Castletown, Isle of Man

New Centurions

C No. Name Club Nat. Age Cat. Time
1196 Paul Sayle Unattached IOM MV40 21:15:42
1197 Edwin van Wijngaarden Unattached NED MV40 21:30:41
1198 Graham Jackson northern masters ac UK MV50 21:48:21
1199 Lee Johnson IOMVAC IOM MV40 22:39:51
1200 Peter Duijst RWV NED MV40 22:43:53
1201 Andrew Dent Unattached UK MV40 23:01:09
1202 Claire Bass Ely Runners UK FV40 23:13:24
1203 Corina Riezebos-Rijploeg RWV NED FV50 23:35:12
1204 Sophie Dvorakova Unattached IOM SW 23:45:43
1205 Mark Hempsall Unattached IOM MV50 23:45:43
1206 May Hooper Manx Harriers IOM FV50 23:47:59
1207 Courtenay Heading IoM VAC / Jurby Wellness Team IOM MV60 23:51:14
1208 Adrie Romijn Unattached NED FV60 23:52:20
1209 Alison Kenyon Unattached IOM FV50 23:53:29
1210 Dick Stoevelaar RWV NED MV60 23:54:03
1211 Wilko Koster RWV / Wandelgroep Noord Nederland NED MV50 23:54:58


New Centurions by Nationality

Nat. C No. Name Club Age Cat. Time
IOM 1196 Paul Sayle Unattached MV40 21:15:42
IOM 1199 Lee Johnson IOMVAC MV40 22:39:51
IOM 1204 Sophie Dvorakova Unattached SW 23:45:43
IOM 1205 Mark Hempsall Unattached MV50 23:45:43
IOM 1206 May Hooper Manx Harriers FV50 23:47:59
IOM 1207 Courtenay Heading IoM VAC / Jurby Wellness Team MV60 23:51:14
IOM 1209 Alison Kenyon Unattached FV50 23:53:29
NED 1197 Edwin van Wijngaarden Unattached MV40 21:30:41
NED 1200 Peter Duijst RWV MV40 22:43:53
NED 1203 Corina Riezebos-Rijploeg RWV FV50 23:35:12
NED 1208 Adrie Romijn Unattached FV60 23:52:20
NED 1210 Dick Stoevelaar RWV MV60 23:54:03
NED 1211 Wilko Koster RWV / Wandelgroep Noord Nederland MV50 23:54:58
UK 1198 Graham Jackson northern masters ac MV50 21:48:21
UK 1201 Andrew Dent Unattached MV40 23:01:09
UK 1202 Claire Bass Ely Runners FV40 23:13:24






Brian Scrivens C337 Memorial Cup:  First New Female Centurion

Claire Bass C1202  UK  (Ely Runners)  23:13:24


Chas Shelley Memorial Trophy:  First Female Walker over 65 year of age on the day of the race who completes 100

Sandra Brown  C735  UK  (Surrey WC) 22:42:39



Hammond Trophy:  First Male existing Centurion at the 100 Mile mark in a 100 miles or greater distance race

Rob Tersteeg  C1118  NED (RWV)  19:47:15


Ko van der Kwaak Trophy:  British vs  Dutch Centurions 100 mile race.  Awarded to the winning team (6 to start, 3 to score) of existing Centurions. Team score on positions.  Awarded to the Dutch.

(Ned 20, GB 28)


Sunday Dispatch Trophy:  Trophy for the Winning Team. Fastest 3 finishers from any club.

Awarded to the RWV: Rob Tersteeg  C1118, Peter Duijst, Martin Vos  C1180



Isle of Man

Hew Neilson Trophy:  First New Centurion in a 100 mile race: Paul Sayle  C1196  IOM  (Unattached)  21:15:42


Bristol Trophy:  First Female existing Centurion Centurion at the 100 mile mark” in a 100 mile or greater distance race

Bernie Johnson  C1080  IOM (VAC)  22:39:51


Bill King Memorial Trophy:  Youngest Finisher to reach 100 miles in a 100 miles or greater distance race

Sophie Dvorakova  IOM (Unattached)  23:45:43



See the race video here


2016 Redcar

2016 Redcar
6-7 August 2016

RWA 100 mile Championship and Centurion qualifier

Local Organising Committee: Redcar RWC –   David Jones (Race Organiser) and Trevor McDermot (Race Secretary)


6 walkers qualified as Centurions:

C 1167           Colin Vesty               (GB)

C 1168           Jimmy Millard            (NED)

C 1169           Rob Robertson         (USA)

C 1170           John Borgars            (GB)

C 1171           Kim Reed                  (GB)

C 1172           Gino Masto                (BEL)

John Borgars was the oldest male walker to achieve 100 miles in 24 hours.


Our thanks to the support crews and volunteers

Sponge station – Marion and Peter Fawkes

Water station – Dave Foster, Lauren Lax, Dave Jones and daughter Helena (Redcar RWC) plus the two people who happened to be passing and stopped to help

Judges and lap recorders – Bob Watts, Morag, Pam Ficken, Ann Wheeler

Marshalls – Sailesh Shah, Dwayne

…. plus many more.  Our thanks to everybody who made the weekend an enjoyable and successful occasion.


2015 IoM 100 miles

Isle of Man 100 miles

15-16 August 2015

Promoted by the Manx Race Walkers

Thirty two walkers qualified as Centurions.

See  You Tube video of the race for a video of the race


The Hon. Secretary wrote:

“To have so many new Centurions at one event is quite exceptional and once again shows the determination of people of all ages to achieve this tough challenge. It was good to see participants from a number of different countries.

The organising committee together with the sponsorship of Tower Insurance worked very hard to make this a most enjoyable event and a highly competitive one too with the race lead fluctuating during the 24 hours. In the end Vinny Lynch C.1107 won in an excellent time of 19.14.21, with Janette Morgan the first lady in 20.23.11 who finished strongly


Results 2015_Castletown,IoM