1971 Ewhurst 100 miles

This was a new promotion by Surrey Walking Club, a 10 x 10 mile lap course at Ewhurst, Surrey which incorporated a 100 km race. It attracted a field of 73, 40 of whom completed the 100 miles.

The winner and first of 26 new Centurions was John Moullin of Belgrave. He completed his 100 miles in 16 hours 55 minutes 44 seconds, the second man to beat 17 hours in Great Britain. This was only 1½ minutes behind the best recorded time of Frank O’Reilly C276 in 1960 and was John Moullin’s first and only 100 mile race.

The event also saw the addition of 3 new countries to the ever growing list.

The first was Emile Alomaine (Belgium) , who 2 weeks earlier had been classified 4th (35km short of the full distance) in the Strasbourg- Paris race,  John Argo (Canada)  and Jim McGown (Eire).


1971 Ewhurst 100 miles – Programme

1971 Ewhurst 100 miles – Results published in 1971 Christmas Newsletter

1968 Leicester to Skegness 100 miles (6th)

Out of the 56 starters,  32 finished and 15 became new Centurions.  The race was won by Karl Abolins for the third time in succession. John Hedgethorne took second place in 19 hours 1 minute 40 seconds.

For the first time in its history the ‘Sunday Dispatch Cup’ was won by a Dutch team, all three were new qualifiers from the L.A.T. club of Amsterdam.


1968 Leicester to Skegness 100 miles – Programme

1968 Leicester to Skegness 100 miles – Results