1969 Bristol 100 mile

This race, promoted by Chas Shelly C356 of the Bristol Walking Club, was a second opportunity to qualify as a Centurion.  The course was 10 laps of 10 miles on virtually traffic free country roads.

First home was John Hedgethorne C413 of the Essex Police, and the 30th and last to finish was P. Cox also of the Essex Police.  15 became new Centurions, 8 of them from Holland.


1969 Bristol 100 miles – Programme

1969 Bristol 100 miles – Results

1969 Bristol 100 miles – Lap Splits

1969 Leicester 24 Hour Track Walk

The 1969 race was won by Colin Young C317 with a distance only 1½ miles less than his epic performance in the 1960 Walton A.C. 100 mile track race.  In second place some 8½ miles behind was Ivo Domansky, the first of 5 new Centurions and the first from his country, Czechoslovakia.

1969 Leicester 24 Hour Track Walk – Programme

1969 Leicester 24 Hour Track Walk – Results