1974 Leicester to Skegness

The 1974 Leicester to Skegness race well attracted 64 starters. 40 finished with 21 of them becoming new Centurions.

The early and long time leader was a German walker who eventually fell foul of the judges, many at the time thought justifiably, and thus became only the second walker to be disqualified in a 100 mile race.

This left the way clear for Peter Markham the leader of a strong squad of Leicester walkers, however he was soon overhauled by Dave Boxall C464 who went on to complete a hat-trick of victories in successive years.

The Leicester Walking Club finished 7 of their walkers for a new club record in 100 mile racing, in fact they had 2 teams on the result sheet.

The race also saw another new country added to the ever growing list when F. Weissenböck of Austria joined the ranks of the Centurions. Some might say that two new countries were added when Richard Vlotman, a South African born British national qualified, but the first South African and also British national citizen was A.H. Ch. St. Norman C50 who qualified in 1912.

1974 Leicester to Skegness Race Results