2004 Colchester

Colchester 100 miles 

The 2004 100 mile qualifier was held in mid-August at the historic town of Colchester where Centurions where once garrisoned,  It was hosted by the London Vidarians, led by Chris Flint C849 with assistance from Ron Wallwork C893 of the New Astley Club and Jerry Everett of Colchester Harriers. The incorporation of a sharp incline within the Castle Park made the route challenging. The race attracted an entry list of 58, including a strong contingent from the Continent. Out of the 48 starters, a total of 24 walkers achieved the 100 miles and 13 new Centurions, C1001 to C1013, were admitted to the Brotherhood of Centurions. The prized C1002 badge for the thousandth Centurion went to Dutch walker Gerrit van Haandel.


Results 2004_Colchester