2012 Colchester

Colchester 100 miles, Lower Castle Park, Colchester. 22nd-23rd September 2012


Result list courtesy of Gerrit de Jong C456 2012_ColchesterResults

Race report by Kathy Crilley C933

After a great send-off speech by Sir Bob Russell, MP for Colchester, the 33 athletes of the 100 miles plus 19 athletes taking part in the RWA 50km Championship set off through Kings Head Meadow and Lower Castle Park – only to be misdirected by a race walking official.  Lap recorders were taken by surprise at the speed of all athletes as they completed what was supposed to be a 2.025 mile lap in record time!

After a quick meeting between the referee and judges it was decided to restart the race at 13:00 hours. This may be a ‘first’ in the history of the 100 mile race.

Ian Richards led the way in the 50km and everyone was holding their collective breaths as to whether the King twins – Daniel and Dominic competing in their first 100 miles race – would hold back or whether they would give Ian a run for his money. A bit of both really. People shaking their collective heads – oh they won’t last long at that pace…. but they did!

Dom, only a month after competing in the London 2012 Olympic 50km race walk, came home to a rapturous and emotional finish in 18 hours 13 minutes and 11 seconds. Dan finished second in the RWA Championship in 20 hours 51 minutes 58 seconds. Veteran ultra distance walker, Richard Brown finished 3rd in 21 hours 23 minutes 10 seconds.


In the ladies race, first home was Sandra Brown in 20 hours  45 minutes 3 seconds. Only 30 minutes behind was Suzanne Beardsmore in 21 hours 15 minutes 43 seconds. Suzanne had put in such a tremendous performance with strong walking all the way through and hardly dropping her pace. At times, the pain showed on her face during the last couple of hours but she did not falter. Suzanne is not a “regular” race walker as we know it but she completed the Lingfield 100 miles in 2011. It was another stunning performance.  In third place was newcomer Karen Ann Lawrie from the Isle of Man. Karen’s performance was equally stunning – smiling and clearly enjoying herself for the duration of the race.

The weather was on our side, sunny with a blustery wind on Saturday and overcast on Sunday with the rain holding off until 1pm.  However, overnight the sky was clear and bitterly cold. This may have taken it’s toll on a few walkers.

Commiserations to those who came close to completing 100 miles. Graham McQuaide on his first attempt with just over 90 miles; Chris Flint, Secretary of the Centurions, competed in the Roubaix 24 hour relay just the week before. A race too far perhaps, but well done on getting to 92 miles. Chris was also the race organiser and we were both on site at 0730 Saturday morning to set up the course, do the food station shopping and everything else that had to be done before the start.

Another walker relatively new to race walking was Joyce Crawford – confident to get to 100 km  but not sure about 100 miles. Joyce sadly had to abandon due to horrendous blisters but vowed she will be back.

Dominic and Dan King trained hard for their 50km races – but there are a lot of miles between 31 and 100 miles. Dominic’s time is the fastest for a very very long time. – I make it since Alexei Radinov in 1993  who completed 100 miles in 17 hours 32 minutes 30 seconds.


From Essex Walker, Centurion Dave Ainsworth C 540 writes:

What a great day for Essex as all 3 new UK male Centurions (Dominic King, Daniel King and Steve Allen) are Essex athletes, with the King twins qualifying in their home town and in the colours of the local Club.  Dominic becomes the 6th Centurion member of the The Centurions, joining Rex Whitlock, Frank O’Reilly, Don Thompson, Brian Adams and Ian Richards. Dominic is the only Centurion qualifying in his Olympic year!

And what more can be said about Southend-on-Sea resident Martin Fisher who completed his 24th UK 100 miles race in under 24 hours.  Martin qualified elsewhere in the town (Colchester Garrison Track) in 1985 at the British Telecom 24 Hours.

Olly Browne showed how consistent he is by finishing a 7th time.  Like Martin, Olly’s ever-growing list of completions include a mixture of both track and road.  

And after five spirited and worthy attempts, but unsuccessful, Steve Allen got it right to become Centurion 1102.  Steve had upped training by some amount and was so confident throughout when showing more determination than d’Artagnan on a staircase. Dad Alex “rang the bell” for Steve’s last lap, and that was photographed for family album, so giving Steve a big boost as he charged, yes charged, into his final circuit.

And a big cheer for the Southend & Canvey Island Support Crews. They’re so enthusiastic and are very much part of our 24 hours scene.

Although well down on previous occasions, we thank those readers who attended to give support…and especially those helping in any way to put this major event on.


New Centurions


Dominic King

Colchester Harriers AC (GBR)


Giudo Vermeir

RWV Rotterdam (NED)


Daniel King

Colchester Harriers AC (GBR)


Jantinus Meints



Steve Allen

Ilford AC (GBR)


Karen Anne Lawrie

Unattached (GBR/IOM)


Wilko van Nieuwenhuyzen



Luc Soetewey

RWV Rotterdam (BEL)

Team Results and individual awards



Awarded to

Huw Neilson Trophy

Domiinic  King C1098

the first new Centurion in a 100 miles race

Bill King Trophy

Daniel King C1100

The youngest finisher to reach 100 mile in a 100 miles or greater distance raceth ef

Sunday Despatch Trophy

RWV Rotterdam

Winning Team (open)

Ko Van der Kwok Trophy

British Centurions

British vs Dutch Centurions 100 mile race. – awarded to the winning team

Hammond Trophy

Richard Brown

First Male – existing Centurion at the 100 Mile mark in a 100 miles or greater distance race.

Bristol Trophy

Sandra Brown

First female Centurion to reach the 100 mile mark in a race of 100 miles

Eddie McNeir Shield

Richard Brown

first male walker, aged 65 years of age or over on the day of the race  who completes 100 miles within 24 hours