Entrants for the Middlesbrough 100 miles 2023

Martin Vos C1180 (NED), Susan Grimes (US), Kim Janssens C1111 (BEL)

Susan Grimes (USA)

This will be my second Centurion. I completed the US Centurion last June and became #99. I am from Vermont and enjoy walking and hiking very much! Hopefully I can finish in August and become the first US woman to do so!






Entrants for the Middlesbrough 50K 2023

John Borgars C1170

John is a native of Tees-side, born in Stockton who, after  growing up in Norton, moved south for employment. He is tackling the 50km because he has not had enough time to train for the 100 miles since recovering from running injuries.

John walked up Ben Nevis, aged 9, with his family, but only took up Race Walking at 51: he later won several Hertfordshire County Championships and a few SRWA/BMAF* ones (and got a team gold medal as the last UK finisher making up team numbers in the European Masters Championship). Last year he gave up on the 100 mile after 10 hours because he could not see the track due to the torrential rain.

  • Southern Race walking association/British Masters Athletic Federation


Remco Luhrman

This will be attempt number three for the Centurion distance.

In May 2023 in Eindhoven for Continental Centurion I stopped at 125.5 km with 6 hours left.

I’ve only been walking for 8 years and love the longer distances. After first training for a year I immediately started with the Kennedy marches of 50 EM. In 2017 Kennedyfriend I achieved Kennedy Walker No. 470. Since last year I started with race walking training, but I have not mastered the technique yet.

Unfortunately, my enthusiasm still often affects careful management of my energy and I still often get injured.

I really like coming to England and I hope to cross the finish line in Middlesbrough on time.

Fooling around

Gerrit Nederlof C922

T. Damen C 932

At the 2022 AGM Frans Leijtens C949 informed the meeting that T. Damen, a member of Attila (Holland) was known as a funny, agreeable gentleman who was always making jokes and having a laugh. His career in long distance race walking was brief. He completed one GB Centurion and Roubaix in the same year; Damen qualified at the 1995 Battersea Park 100 miles in 22.59.59.

Damen passed away May 2021.

Hans Leendertse C427

Hans qualified as Centurion 427 at the 1968 Leicester to Skegness 100 miles race in 23.43.00. He served as chairman for the Centurion Vereniging Nederland (CVN) for many years and will be remembered for his contribution to Dutch Centurions.. Hans sadly passed away aged 92 in March 2021.