Committee for 2023 – 2024

President Dave Jones C 987
Past President Pam Ficken C 934
Secretary Chris Flint C849
Captain Roger Michell C 724
Treasurer Richard Cole C 928
Vice Captain Frans Leijtens C 949
Social Walks Steve Kemp C 1075
Merchandise Chris Flint C849
Website manager Sue Clements C 950
Archivist Sue Clements C 950
Committee Martin Fisher C 788
Committee Richard McChesney C1131
Committee Ian Richards C1064
Committee Carl Lawton C 750

The Committee manages the affairs of the Centurions.

The Centurions’ affairs are managed by elected four Officers plus a Committee which meets three or four times a year. The Committee is always looking for Centurions to join existing members to help shape our future. If you are interested in joining us, or helping with a specific task for a specific period of time please contact the Hon. Secretary for further information.

All Centurions are entitled to attend and give their views at any General Committee meeting provided they have notified the Hon. Secretary at least seven clear days before the meeting takes place.

The AGM is held at the beginning of each year, generally January.  All Centurions are welcome to attend, contribute to discussions and vote. Committee elections are conducted at the AGM so notice of forthcoming vacant posts and an invitation to propose nominations are included with the Christmas Newsletters from the President and Captain.

Please direct all communications etc, through the Hon. Secretary.  Contact The Hon Secretary