Centurions qualifying race 2018

18th-19th August 2018
Athletics track, National Sports Centre, Douglas, Isle of Man

President’s Report

I am pleased to be able to report on a very successful track 100 miles/24 hours promotion on 18/19th August 2018 at the National Sports Centre, Douglas, Isle of Man.

From 23 starters, 13 completed the 100 miles (just one went on a bit further!). There would have been more finishers but for the overnight storm which caused several retirements. Well done to the 13 who showed great resilience in the most appalling conditions.  Five Belgian athletes took part, the largest ever group from their country and they all finished!

We enjoyed full civic support. The Mayor’s reception at Douglas Town Hall on the Friday evening was a memorable occasion and he also started the race on Saturday. The staff at the NSC were most helpful.  The Douglas Yacht Club provided a good venue for the Technical Meeting (Friday) and the Sunday evening presentations and buffet. Mark Byrne C870 provided and presented the Manx Crystal Glass awards and I did the RWA (EA) medals.

The chip recording system was very satisfactory and the operators very helpful.  Security was good. Refreshments and support were very satisfactory. The overworked judges and officials did a great job.  Thanks to all concerned.

There was an excellent commentary during the race and a very nice video was produced.

Very well done to Graham Young C383 and his team!

Signed:  Eric Horwill, President, The Centurions 1911

The race produced 8 new Centurions:

  • C 1188 Dave Talcott
  • C 1189 Paul Jansen
  • C 1190 Ignace Matthys
  • C 1191 Dale Farquhar
  • C 1192 Kris Hazenbosch
  • C 1193 Marco Bloemerts
  • C 1194 Patrick Vandeweyer
  • C 1195 Annic Deman

Full results – Race Walking Association National Long Distance 100 mile Championship:

1 Dave Talcott                                   18:55:41

2 Karen Chiarello                            20:07.56

3 Paul Jansen                                  20:52.45

4 Ignace Matthys                              21:00.06

5 Frank van der Gulik                     21:44.31

6 Dale Farquhar                               22:03.27

7 Sandra Brown                               22:05.01;

8 Kris Hazenbosch                         22:12.58

9 Marco Bloemerts                           22:40.48

10 Patrick Vandeweyer                   22:45.31

11 Chris Van Cauwenberghe       22:48.18

12 Annic Deman                              23:11.35

13 Martin Fisher                               23:43.52

Result sheet 2018 Douglas, IoM