Past Walks

2021 Autumn Social Walk

2020 London’s Roman Wall Social walk

Saturday 7th March 2020


Social walk March 2020

We started our walk from outside the main entrance of Fenchurch Street station, making our way to Tower Hill and the first sighting of the old wall.
From here we travelled North, weaving between the streets to spot remains of the wall before reaching Aldgate. Although the old gates of London are long gone, the Museum of London have placed tiles or information boards where they once stood. The display at Aldgate is one of the best. Our walk was fortunate to coincide with a exhibition of sculptures in the city and as we followed the route of the wall North towards the Barbican, several of these sculptures could be appreciated. The group spent a little time exploring the area around the Barbican where some of the best remains of the wall are seen. Onwards to the Museum of London and a break for lunch.
After lunch, it was South to the River Thames, passing places of interest such as the burial place of Dick Whittington, probably London’s most famous Lord Mayor. The river was much wider when the Romans were here, and a real find, tucked away in what is now a church-yard just off Lower Thames Street, was an original timber post from the first bridge across the river. A short stroll back to Tower Hill completed the walk.
I thank the Centurions and friends who attended the walk, George Beecham who did the reconnaissance walk with me, and Ken Livermore for providing extra notes of interest on the day.

2019 Cambridge

Centurion’s Social Walk  – Saturday 30th March 2019                                
Centurions, friends and family were invited for a leisurely 6 mile stroll through some of the sights of Cambridge to Granchester, beloved of literature’s 1900’s Bloomsbury Group and former village resident Rupert Brooke.
For over 700 years students such as Newton, Darwin, Cromwell, Wordsworth and others (e.g Pink Floyd) have travelled from Cambridge to Granchester village so now we are adding the Centurions to the list. The route took in modern and old architecture, including Paradise and  Number 10(!)
After a break at the Orchard Tea Rooms in Granchester the route wandered back to the railway station via Byron’s Pool where Lord Byron is reputed to have swum, Trumpington Meadows and eventually following the guided busway back to the station.
Below – participants in the walk