Centurion Trophies awarded for 100 mile race performances

Hew Neilson Trophy
First New Centurion in a 100 miles race

Bristol Trophy
First Female existing Centurion Centurion at the 100 mile mark” in a 100 mile or greater distance race

Hammond Trophy
First Male existing Centurion at the 100 Mile mark in a 100 miles or greater distance race

Brian Scrivens C337 Memorial Cup
First New Female Centurion

Chas Shelley Memorial Trophy
First Female Walker over 65 year of age on the day of the race who completes 100.

Eddie McNeir Trophy
First Male Walker, aged 65 years of age or over on the day of the race who completes 100 miles within 24 hours.

Bill King Memorial Trophy
Youngest Finisher to reach 100 miles in a 100 miles or greater distance race.

Ko van der Kwaak Trophy
British vs Dutch Centurions 100 mile race. Awarded to the winning team of existing Centurions.

Sunday Dispatch Trophy
Trophy for the Winning Team. Fastest 3 finishers from any club.

Ann Sayer Trophy
In the year 2020 donated by the Race Walking Association to the Centurions for presentation by The Brotherhood of Centurions for: “The Winning Team of Ladies”.
Fastest winning team of women (three finishers,) from any club in the Open race, decided at the 100 miles distance in races of longer duration. The declared team may include non Centurions.